My Niche

Unlike many attorneys who specialize in one industry, I've spent 20 years managing a broad range of legal affairs for local and global enterprises.


I’ve worked with technology companies, financial services companies, consumer product companies, real estate companies, musicians, and all forms of entrepreneurs.  I’ve led legal departments.  I’ve led human resources departments.  I’ve managed insurance risk. I took the patent bar not to prosecute patents but to be able to manage and monetize intellectual property portfolios.  I’ve spent hundreds of days in a courtroom and even more in boardrooms.  

 An accomplished and proactive  attorney, collaborator, and dealmaker with 20 years' experience managing a broad range of legal affairs for enterprises, like:

AYI & Associates
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I’ve existed in more than one bubble – which seems the opposite of a “niche.”  But “niche” doesn't mean “small” anymore.

My career experiences have a common theme: I prepare start-up, early-stage, and middle-market companies for their next steps.

I’ve had first-hand experience in a multitude of M&A and finance transactions on both sides. I’ve helped leaders visualize the company chessboard in 12/36/60 month increments and worked backward to make the best strategic moves to reach the goals.


I've helped bring new products to market - from the initial designs, patents, sourcing, testing, packaging, sell-in - all the way to retailer shelves.


I know what investors and banks want to see in your legal and human resources files.  I’ve seen what scares them.  I’ve watched counsel speed up business, and other grind it to a screeching halt. 

I know what provides growth and deal certainty. And long-term strategy determines the winner.

Let's connect to see how I can help your day-to-day operations complement your long-term strategy.