What are your fees?

I structure client relationships in a flexible manner, to create the best fit for the companies I serve. This flexibility applies to my fee arrangements as well. For clients who wish to have me act as de facto CLO, I offer hourly, daily or weekly rates depending on the needs of the client. This part-time model translates to roughly one-third of the cost of hiring a full-time CLO.

For project-based arrangements, I can work out an affordable hourly rate, alternative fee arrangements, or flat fee depending on the nature of the work. If I can, even in complex situations, I try to divide the job into discrete phases so that I can quote fixed fees for each of them.

And, don't worry, I know there is nothing worse than opening a legal bill to see charges for every single phone call or e-mail, even for the most mundane of items like scheduling a meeting. That will not happen with Outside CLO.

What is the difference between a Chief Legal Officer (CLO) and a General Counsel (GC)?

In many companies, the titles GC and CLO are synonymous as referencing a company's senior-most attorney. But the title CLO further denotes a company's senior-most attorney who is also a C-level executive that reports directly to the CEO. A recent study by the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) found that 80.2% of the senior-most attorneys surveyed said they report to their CEO, up from 77.9% in 2019 and 64.4% in 2018. "The CLO's position as a major business strategist is universally accepted," said ACC CEO Veta Richardson. "Three quarters of C-suites consistently look to their CLO on matters of risk and strategy, and with compliance and technology issues becoming increasingly complex, we expect to see their number continue to rise."

Do you charge for the initial consultation?

No. I never charge for an initial consultation. At the free initial consultation, we can discuss the details of your business needs, the legal process, and provide options for working together, if my skillset corresponds with your business needs.

Do you charge less than traditional law firms?

Yes, thanks to low overhead. Traditional law firms have a lot of costs that get passed along to clients (offices with amazing views, large support staffs, high-paid young associates). By working virtually with Scale, I can pass that savings on to you.

Are there matters you do not handle?

Yes. I do not handle tax, estate, family, oil & gas, bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, or criminal law matters. These are very specific areas of law that require particular expertise that I do not have. Also, while I am a patent attorney (50,882), I no longer draft patent applications. But,if I can’t help you with an issue, I can find you an attorney who can - affordably.

How do I get started?

Submit an inquiry on the Contact page or send me an email at amy.osteen@outsideclo.com so we can schedule your no-cost consultation. Then, to begin representing you, I will: (1) confirm that I don't have any potential conflicts of interest (such as representing your competitor); and (2) work with you to finalize an engagement letter that outlines the services and the fee arrangement so there are no surprises.

What happens if you're not available?

I won’t leave you stranded. If needed and pre-approved, I have a built-in network of experienced attorneys that I partner with for virtually any area of expertise. And because many of these attorneys are in the Scale network, there is no need for seperate conflicts checks and engagement letters. It's seamless.

Will you work from my office?

I absolutely can. If I can embed myself in your company's environment, even if only for a few days, it helps me learn your culture, your priorities, and see your business in action so that I can better serve as an extension of your team.

What does a fractional / outside CLO do?

A part time CLO’s usual duties include overseeing all legal aspects of a company, including contract negotiation and documentation, employment issues, intellectual property protection, day-to-day operational risk management, and pre-strategic transaction preparation. When you contract with Outside CLO, you’re getting all the skills and experience of a regular Chief Legal Officer, but on a part-time, affordable basis.

When should I hire a fractional GC / CLO?

A company's growth stay dictates the work of fractional CLOs, but usually the scenarios include:

Smaller companies need some legal services, but can't justify adding a high-cost, full-time in-house attorney position to their payroll. Instead, an outsourced CLO usually bills by the project, task, or reduced hourly rate, saving your company the high cost of salary plus benefits or significant law firm rates.

A company is working on a specific project or dealing with an issue for which they need special expertise of an attorney that has extensive in-house experience. This could be a new product that needs legal help from inception to retail sell-in, preparing for a sale or acquisition, applying for a bank loan, a large piece of litigation, or handling internal employment issues. In this case, some companies might have a CLO / General Counsel but need extra help and someone that can hit the ground running.

A company suddenly lost its CLO /General Counsel and needs a qualified executive to fill the seat while the company performs a search.

A CLO / General Counsel that needs a trusted advocate that can act as interim for his or her succession plan.