Flat Fee Plans

On the client-side, I managed legal budgets ranging from half a million to millions. Regardless of the budget size, there was nothing worse than getting a large unexpected legal bill.

But sometimes that's the nature of hourly rate beast. Even for the best-run businesses, it makes planning for legal expenses challenging and budgeting a nightmare.

That’s why Outside CLO offers 3 monthly Flat Fee Plans, which reflect substantial discounts on my normal hourly rates. 







* THRIVE also includes legal review of 1 contract per month (off the clock).


* TRANSFORM also includes legal review of 3 contracts per month (off the clock).

This flat fee approach lets you budget for legal costs, so you can do what you do best - run your business.


However you choose to engage Outside CLO (Flat Fee, project, or hourly), you will know exactly what to expect. There are no hidden surprises, no gotcha moments where you'll be blindsided by an unexpected bill, dollar amount, or unfamiliar term. 


If your business needs steady, practical, and informed legal services on a predictable budget, contact me to see if Outside CLO can help.

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